Ahimsa Tattoo is Hawaii's premier cruelty free tattoo shop.

We understand the importance of vegan friendly tattoos and products.

We make sure our products are not tested on animals and do not include any animal products.

Thats why we use a vegan tattoo process.

That includes our vegan tattoo ink, vegan before care products, vegan transfer paper, and vegan after care products, which are provided by Ohana Organics.

indulge in your tattoo addiction; cruelty and guilt free.


Ahimsa means non violence against all living things. We like that. 

Get a custom tattoo in a destination city unlike any other.

Our tattoo studio is located in Chinatown, the heart of downtown Honolulu. A multicultural epicenter for art, music, food, and more. When you book an appointment at our shop, you'll get unsurpassed boutique-style service and a custom piece from an industry expert—plus unparalleled access to incredible dining opportunities, and unforgettable artistic experiences.

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Ahimsa Tattoo, 925 Maunakea st. Honolulu HI